Experts in the application of Road & Airfield Markings

Global Suhaimi has been active in the road and airfield marking field since 1976 and has contributed significantly to road safety in Saudi Arabia.  Our Road Marking division specializes in the use of Thermoplastic & Cold applications and has a yearly production capacity of approximately 400,000-600,000 sqm of road surface (roughly 20,000 km of road length).  GS have a current production capacity of 100,000 - 150,000 sqm/month.

Services Include
          Road marking & Airfield marking with Thermoplastic and Traffic Cold Paints.
          Curbstone Painting, New Jersey Barrier Painting, Supply and Installation of Traffic & Crash Barriers.
          Supply & installation of different types of road pavement markers: Cat-Eyes, Ceramic Studs, 360 degree tempered glass studs, Solar Powered markers
          Supply &Installation of all kinds of Traffic Signage.
          Survey & Design for road marking as per various approved standards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
          Removal of existing road marking using sophisticated machines without damaging the surface.

Global Suhaimi is an approved road marking contractor for:
           Ministry of Transport (MOT)
           Saudi Aramco 
           Saudi Electric Company
          SABIC group
          Airport Authorities
          Royal Commission

Reference Standards
Specifications of Ministry of Transport (MOT Standard), Royal Commission, British and American Standards.

Materials Used
          Thermoplastic paints of various specifications.
          Traffic Cold Paints of various specifications.
          Retroreflective Glass Beads for Various Specifications (for added day and night visibility).

Special Equipment
Road marking machines:
          HOFMANN H33-4 (with 1.6 Ton paint tank capacity),H33-3 & H18-1 units
          GRACO Line Lazers
          ZEHNTNER QC devices
          SMITH Cutters and road marking removing machines
          Thermoplastic paint preheaters of various sizes.
 All materials used conform to:
          AASHTO M247,M248, M249
          MOT specifications
          Royal Commission Standards

Application Approval & Certification
 Approved applicators of all major paint manufacturers within Saudi Arabia.