Proudly following the footsteps of its founders that are based on commitment, dedication and customer satisfaction.

The journey began when Sheikh Abdul Rahman Saleh Alsuhaimi, a man of great vision, opened a small shop in Jubail’s old market in 1921. He then expanded his business with the opening of another branch in the Kingdom of Bahrain which was managed by his brother, Mohammed Alsuhaimi. Maximising on the developing business landscape in the kingdom at that time, they began diversifying and the result is the wide array of businesses their descendants successfully manage today.

Within two decades, its activities had developed to include real estate sector, import and sales of new products, and drilling of artesian wells services to which the province was in a real need. After opening King Abdul Aziz port in the year 1950, the company had moved its offices to Dammam whereas its business had expanded gradually to include in addition to its previous activities the sector of tiles, marble, dyes and paints as well as other services and products.

A new area of challenges began when Sheikh Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman Al Suhaimi, Sheikh Khalid Abdul Rahman Al Suhaimi and Sheikh Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Al Suhaimi started their success chapter along with the founders. The decision was to develop new business lines which led to the formation of Global Suhaimi in 1976, a Saudi-Foreign Joint Venture between Alsuhaimi and Hemutech SA(Switzerland), specialized in coating applications. Following proudly in the footsteps of its founders, building a portfolio steeped in values of quality, commitment and customer satisfaction. The key to the Group’s longevity and success is a strict adherence to the principles set by the Founders, principles of customer centricity and continuous improvement by investing in skill and capability development to keep ahead of industry innovations. In 1989 the Alsuhaimi Group took full acquisition of Global Suhaimi’s shareholding and reconstituted the company to a 100% Saudi-owned company. From this point onward Global Suhaimi grew from strength to strength including the formation of several international Joint Ventures Companies developing Global Suhaimi into the asset protection powerhouse it is today.

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