Electrical & Civil Works

Motivated by quality to deliver the highest standards of workmanship.

Global Suhaimi provides highly effective & innovative solutions across all facets of the Electrical & Civil works sectors. We specialize in all kinds of electrical works for Electrical Infrastructure, Substations and Transmission Lines such as Engineering, Installation, Cable Laying and Power Accessories up to 380kV including Testing and Commissioning. On Civil front, our experienced team of professionals have an in-depth understanding of civil work solutions. Major services include Concrete Repair work, Repair & Maintenance, Earth Works, Steel Works and Industrial & Mechanical Works.

Elecrical & Cabling

In all of our electrical and cabling activities, our focus is to adopt latest technologies and deliver the highest quality workmanship as per the International Standards. We strive to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. Over Head Transmission Line (OHTL) work involves the essential structure for power transmission and distribution that allows for the transmission of electrical energy across large distances. This usually entails a number of bare wire conductors on the line suspended by towers or utility poles. The poles provide adequate clearance between energized conductors and the ground, which prevents dangerous contact with the lines, as well as provides reliable support for the conductors, resilient to storms, ice load, earthquakes and other potential causes of damage.

Electrical Works  

          Specialist in all kind of Electrical works (OHTL 110kv/132kv/380kv and work related to Distributions, Substations and Transmission Lines)

          Installation, Testing & Commissioning for OHTL Tower erection, Conductor stringing, Insulator replacement, splashing and Sag Testing.

          Replacement of suspension/Tension Insulator String and Long Rod.

          Works related to Shield Wire (OGW), Arcing Horn, Grading rings, Vibration/Spacer Damper.

          Repair of OPGW, Anti Climbing device and grounding works.

          Replacement work for Gantry Equipment such as Surge arrester, CT, CCVT, post Insulator, Safety Equipment device.

          Replacement of Bent, Missing Tower members, Braces, Nut Bolts, Step bolts, Hardware.

          Replacement and Installation of Obstruction Markers and warning lights.

          All type of Foundation work for OHTL Towers (110kv/132kv/380kv)

Cable Works  

          Installation, Testing and Commissioning for Cables up to 380 kV.

          Underground Cable Works and Installation of panel boards.

          Installation of Switchgears, Control/Relay panels and DC systems

          Partial Discharge Test / Analysis equipment VLF testing

          Cable Fault detection

          Cable Laying, Joint, Termination, bonding, Testing, Gassing/Degassing of XLPE Cables up to 380KV.

          Layout of Fiber Optic Cables and Copper Telecommunication Cables.

Civil Works

Our specialist civil works team are organized and deployed to ensure that our work meets your requirements without compromising on your company’s programme or productivity. Our teams’ diverse expertise and talents enables us to offer our valued clients a complete range of construction services that bridge their needs. Our company has built a strong reputation in KSA and further afield for its can-do approach in delivering projects on time and on budget regardless of complexity. We are proud to work for some of Saudi Arabia’s leading companies and organizations. We cater our property improvement and repair services to you, regardless of the scale of your planned project. We provide a full design and build service which incorporates building, roofing, carpentry, plumbing and electrical works. We are dedicated to delivering an all-encompassing, professional repair and refurbishment service both on time and on budget. Our breadth of skills and experience enables us to take on principle contractor roles on major projects as well as handling small scale repair work. Regardless of the type of project, you can be assured of our reliable, flexible and cost effective service. Services offered are as follows:

Concrete Repair Work  

          Installation & maintenance of Pre-Stress Girders, Pre-cast beams, pile cap & Abutments for concrete bridges.

          Concrete Foundation & Slab work

          Repair & strengthening of underground structures such as Tunnels, Columns, Beams and Floor.

          Culvert works including excavation, beddings, and controlled backfill operations.

Earth Works  

          Excavation works such as cut and fill excavations, trench excavation, basement excavation and road excavation.

          Cable trenching works.

          Dewatering works for construction sites.

          Tailored Landscaping services.

Repair & Maintenance Works  

          Water Proofing, Concrete Leakage & seepage Repair

          Road Works (Asphalt & Concrete).

          Installation of drainage systems

          Storm water management

Industrial Works  

          Painting of lattice steel Towers and Pipelines.

          General Contractor for Construction of mid-size Office building, Security office, Operations Area etc.

          Fencing & Boundary wall work.

          Decorative painting & finishing works.

          Construction of Storage & Water tanks.

Steel & Mechanical Works  

          Designing, Fabrication, Erection of all type of Pre -engineered steel buildings, structural steel Plants, warehouses and factories.

          Building & dismantling of Hangers, Warehouse, and Workshops

          Finishing & Architectural works of offices.

          Installation of roof and wall cladding.

          Electro-mechanical works, Steam Tracing.