Painting & Coating

Protect Your Valuable Assets from Corrosion

Rust and corrosion can drastically reduce the productive life span of valuable assets and Global Suhaimi is a specialist in innovative surface preparation and protective coatings services with a superior workforce consisting of local and international Engineers who have extensive experience and technical training in the field.

Global Suhaimi has been the key contractor in the largest, and most technically demanding painting projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the last 40 years. These projects have been executed utilizing the latest in coating technology – including Autoblast machines for surface preparation and Plural component spray equipment for coating application.

"For the last 30 years Global Suhaimi has been a key contractor on the largest, most technically demanding surface treatment projects in Saudi Arabia, with over 15 million square meters of anti-corrosion coatings achieved in this period.  "

Our Surface preparation and Coating teams (Blasters, Sprayers, Supervisors, Inspectors) undergo continuous assessment and are externally accredited by NACE or SSPC.

Global Suhaimi provides professional painting and coating services to industrial sectors such as Oil & Gas, Power Plants, Petrochemical Plants, and Water Desalination Plants. The Company also has an expert team for Decorative Painting Services and specialized teams for Epoxy, Floor Coating, FRP, Wrapping, GRE, and PTFE methods,with the team adopting the latest industry trends in Coating.