Providing catering facilities near your industrial location

Cate United Catering Services is a fully owned subsidiary of the Global Suhaimi, established to provide clients with catering services for their workforce and professional staff to be deployed throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Cate United is specialized in providing catering services to the Oil & Gas, Energy, Construction, Health Services, and Manufacturing Sectors, serving staff in the convenience of their own accommodation through our on-site or regional kitchen facilities. For sizeable and long-term contracts,  has custom-built facilities to ensure that both quality and value is maintained at all times.

Cate United’s management team boasts over 45 years of combined experience in the catering services industry within Saudi Arabia. With a vision to differentiate and deliver, Cate United Catering is committed to providing highly nutritious meals that ensure your workforce is sufficiently fueled for maximum productivity. We carefully select only the most talented Chefs, Cooks and Service Crews from around the world to provide clients with menus that meet the needs of a diverse workforce. Cate United boasts state-of-the-art kitchen facilities and utilizes the most modern equipment and cooking techniques to consistently deliver high-quality and nutrition-packed meals.

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