Unparalleled Experience in Surface Preparation

Saudi Arabia is one of the harshest environments in which to protect valuable assets in the oil, gas, petrochemical, power and marine environments. Global Suhaimi is the proven leader in the application of anti-corrosion coatings in this difficult environment.


Global Suhaimi uses traditional abrasive blasting techniques (dry or wet, manual or automatic) to properly prepare surfaces to be treated. For the correct adhesion of any coating system to the treated surface an anchor profile of the correct depth is required.

Global Suhaimi surface preparation techniques require the use of a blasting media projected at high speed against the surfaces to be treated. This ensures the correct surface cleanliness and roughness - two key parameters for the application of protective coatings. Depending on the state of the surface to be treated (new or already coated) and its nature (steel, stainless steel, concrete), Global Suhaimi will select the most suitable abrasive (metallic or mineral) and the most effective equipment (manual or automatic) to ensure the most efficient Material.  Global Suhaimi prides itself on ensuring all blasting activities are carried out in a safe and environmentally friendly fashion.

Global Suhaimi utilizes blasting equipment from the following:

          Clemco   -   USA  Blast Pots

          Wheelabrator  -  France  Auto blast Machines

Global Suhaimi utilizes blast media as follows

          Garnet  -  Australia (GMA Garnet – a Global Suhaimi JV)

          Coal Slag  -  Netherlands (Eurogrit)

          Copper Slag  -  Oman (Oman Abrasives)

High Pressure & Ultra-High Pressure Water Jetting

Global Suhaimi uses High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure water jetting techniques to prepare surfaces. This consists of jetting water at pressures of up to 3,000 bar.  Global Suhaimi has developed techniques using ultra-compact and high-performance equipment designed to provide a better quality treated surface (especially on concrete).

Typical Applications:

          Surface preparation (coatings & corrosion removal)

          Pipe cleaning & de-scaling

          Tank & vessel cleaning

          Floor, road & runway cleaning

          Road re-texturing & white line removal

          Heat exchanger tube cleaning

Apparatus used by Global Suhaimi is UHP surface treatment:

  250-3000 Bar   -  Airblast N.V  -  The Netherlands



Permanent Surface Treatment Facilities

Global Suhaimi possesses dedicated permanent workshops for surface preparation and coating application (paint shops) in Dammam, Jubail, Jizan, Yanbu and Jeddah.  When required, blasting facilities and associated facilities are also set up and used at customer sites – particularly new build sites – where fabricated pipes and spools as well as plates for tanks are blasted and coated using both manual and automatic arrangements.  Adaptability to detailed clients’ requirements & specifications: capacity to absorb large-sized structures if necessary through modular working areas.

Anticorrosion Coating

Today, Global Suhaimi is an expert in the field of high-quality corrosion protection, possessing an exhaustive knowledge of all types of coating systems and application methods.  Whatever the environment, we ensure the correct application of selected coating system. Global Suhaimi is often involved in through the entire life cycle of an asset from design, construction, commissioning and through all operational phases.  We use state-of-the-art application materials/equipment and high technology anticorrosion coating systems.

Through our SSPC membership, we ensure coating application quality and continuously evaluate and assess our operators. All of our production and quality control teams contain a high ratio of certified personnel (operatives who are either SSPC or NACE certified).  In Saudi Arabia SSPC certification for Supervisors, Inspectors, Blasters and Sprayers is often combined with site assessment by Saudi Aramco Inspection personnel.

The coating application systems we use are as follows: 

          Spray Pumps   - GRACO -  USA

          Plural Spray   - GRACO -   USA

          Spray Guns  - GRACO -   USA 

Coating systems typically applied are manufactured as follows:

          Hempel  KSA  (Global Suhaimi JV)

          Jotun   KSA


Concrete Coating

Global Suhaimi undertakes the repair and reinforcement of concrete structures through the combination of the most suitable surface preparation techniques and the expert application of the specified protective coating/repair systems.  Surface preparation of concrete is fundamental to the determination of how successfully it will be protected from degradation during its lifecycle; high quality surface preparation ensures that nothing will interfere with the adhesion of the selected protective coating or repair system. Global Suhaimi uses a wide range of surface preparation methods selected according to original concrete conditions and the type of protective coating system or repair material to be applied.  Our protective coating solutions use reliable products and proven application techniques that have an extensive-track record of concrete protection.  Some examples of concrete protection material manufacturers used by Global Suhaimi:

          Hempel – KSA – Anticarbonation and concrete protective coatings

          BASF – UK – Anticarbonation coatings

          SIKA – Swiss/KSA – Anticarbonation, concrete repair and protective coatings

          Jotun  - Anticarbonation and concrete protective coatings 

Thermal Spray Coating

Global Suhaimi is an expert in the application of Thermal Spray Coating (TSC), particularly aluminum (TSA) ranging from the coating of small, specific devices to large surfaces.  TSC is a coating solution that uses particles of pure metal or metal alloy, which are melted and cumulatively deposited on top of each other, layer by layer, as they strike the surface being treated. Global Suhaimi utilizes Arc/Flame spray methodology and in almost all cases uses Aluminum. TSC provides a wide range of benefits:

          Long lifetimes with limited need for maintenance

          Superior adhesion

          Higher Resistance to mechanical damage

          Wide range of operating temperatures: from -45°C to 538°C

          No drying/curing times after application

          No health hazard from solvents or other organic substances.

For application of Metal Spray process Global Suhaimi makes use of equipment as follows:

  Metallisation – UK – Arc Spray equipment and Aluminum wire for spray

Composite Repair Systems

When it comes to repairing damaged parts of a pipework, Global Suhaimi  teams  have the ability to apply composite repair systems.  We use a composite wrap system made of resin and fibers for pipe strengthening. It can be applied in many configurations on several types of substrates (carbon steel / stainless steel / composite, straight pipelines and also fittings - flanges, elbows, reduction, T-pieces) and a variety of assets.  Composite repair materials normally provided by Clockspring NRI – USA/UK.