Fire Proofing

Leading fireproofing applicator in Saudi Arabia

As a leading fireproofing applicator in Saudi Arabia , Global Suhaimi supports all Industrial sectors in the Kingdom, complying with ISO, SASO, and Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards, in accordance with UL approvals and manufacturers recommendations for ensuring structural steel and its elements are protected in the event of a fire.

Intumescent Coatings

Global Suhaimi applies intumescent coatings, especially in the Oil and Gas sector. These coatings are specifically designed to protect structural steelwork, skirts, process & storage facilities.  The main characteristic of intumescent coatings is that they expand significantly when they are exposed to a strong source of heat.  This creates a greatly expanded heat barrier (by surface area) that significantly retards heat transfer between the heat source (or flame) and the steel surface.  Intumescent coatings help maintain structural integrity of steel for up to two hours before significant damage and potential collapse.

The products we use frequently:

          Jotachar (Jotun) – KSA

          Pittchar (PPG) - USA

Global Suhaimi and its installation teams are certified and trained by the manufacturer for these product ranges.

Cementitious Fireproofing

Global Suhaimi is trusted to provide Passive Fire Protection (PFP) technology to protect critical structures and equipment in hazardous environments.  PFP application needs to meet the challenges of complex hydrocarbon fire scenarios that can potentially involve pool fires, jet fires and explosions in both onshore and offshore environments.

Global Suhaimi is a leading applicator of cementitious fireproofing systems manufactured by the following:

          Arabian Vemiculite (AviKote)  - KSA

          Fendolite (Isolatek) - KSA

Refractory linings

Global Suhaimi is able to undertake maintenance services on refractory linings which are installed to protect industrial assets against the effect of heat, abrasion or chemical processes in the Oil & Gas, petrochemicals, cement, iron and steel industries.  Our operational teams can apply refractory linings to all types of furnaces and plants.  Our services enable us to complete refractory assignments, particularly during plant shutdowns, and encompass materials procurement and installation.

We are experienced in a number of application methods including removal of existing damaged refractory parts, surface preparation, carpentry works, anchor welding, gunniting and casting.