Conserving Energy

Hot Thermal Insulation

Hot thermal insulation offers significant benefits in terms of energy conservation and process efficiency. Process temperatures are maintained and energy is conserved. Global Suhaimi provides a wide range of insulation services in environments where processes are subject to extreme high temperatures.  We install and maintain specific hot thermal insulation systems in order to protect installations and avoid energy losses.

Our site teams install all types of insulation materials (fibrous, cellular, agglomerate, elastomeric, aerogels, mattresses) along with associated metallic mechanical protection (from aluminum to type-316 stainless steel), and non-metallic protection.  Global Suhaimi is also able to fabricate all aspects of an insulation system.

Typical materials used in our Hot Thermal Insulation activities;

        •  Mineral Wool  

                - Saudi Rockwool - KSA  (Pipe Section and Blanket)

        •  Cladding  

                - InsuRapid - Netherlands (SS, Aluminum, Aluminised Steel, Ancillaries)

Cryogenic insulation

Global Suhaimi is able to provide services in the specialist field of cryogenic insulation.  We can provide cryogenic insulation services during the construction phase of LNG facilities and can also provide maintenance during their operational phase.

We use an extensive selection of insulation and cladding products specially designed for cryogenic process facilities.  Global Suhaimi can install Thermal insulation with its associated process benefits, whilst at the same time reducing the risk of Corrosion Under Insulation by preventing moisture from entering the insulation system.

Our teams are able to manage insulation projects during process operations to minimize the effects of shutdowns.  We maintain strong partnerships with state-of the-art insulation products suppliers and carry out continuous research in this field.   We can also provide pouring or spraying insulation within casings or inject Polyurethane Foam / Pressure Induced Foam into insulation boxes (for flanges, valves...)

Acoustic Insulation

Global Suhaimi is able to install Acoustic Insulation where process or environmental requirements exist:

          Reduction of Acoustic ‘Howl’:

                -  Caused by pipe vibration & high velocity process fluids or gases.

          Personal Protection: 

                -  To reduce danger of hearing impairment & increase ability to communicate whilst Plant is operational.

As sound levels need to be monitored within industrial facilities, we can identify and install acoustic insulation systems for effective sound protection.  Through the use of selected materials, we can ensure low sound levels for working environments.

Prefabrication Workshops

In order to improve the costs of our solutions and to decrease on-site man-hours and simultaneous activities, Global Suhaimi will often establish site facilities for fabrication of insulation materials.  At any one time Global Suhaimi may be operating up to 10 site facilities, designed specifically for insulation fabrication. 

CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation)

Corrosion Under Insulation (when water penetrates jacketed insulation causing the corrosion of steel) It is often a major cause of repair and maintenance work for asset owners.  Global Suhaimi is able to assist our customers in identifying areas where CUI is likely to occur and we have wide experience in detecting the causes of water ingress into insulation systems.

Once CUI is identified as an issue requiring intervention, our site personnel can provide a full range of services, from simple maintenance to complete insulation removal, steel repair/treatment and insulation replacement.


To ensure that the sensitive products circulating inside your piping, equipment, pumps or reservoirs are maintained at the right temperature or heated, Global Suhaimi can provide electrical tracing solutions, applied in conjunction with thermal insulation.  This approach uses an input of heat to compensate for heat losses that occur despite thermal insulation applied.

This input of heat, which ensures the correct temperature, is achieved by means of an electrical heating wire network. Global Suhaimi collaborates with the main suppliers of tracing equipment and systematically uses the most innovative and suitable equipment, both in terms of technology and price.